Friday 10th of December Games Night


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Friday 10th of December


Ready Steady Roll

Ivy Lodge



MK44 1ND



Join us at Ready Steady Roll for an evening of games, including recommendations and guidance from our games guru all evening, with over 360 games to play and soft drinks and cake available to purchase on the night!



Standard tickets are £6

Bring your Own Booze + £5

Margherita + £12

Pepperoni + £13

Vegetarian + £13

Chicken and Sweetcorn + £13



Choose between having pizza and/or bringing your own booze for a small corkage fee!


Choose whether you want to stick with your own group or whether you are happy to join another group of gamers, a great chance to play different games and meet new people!


NOTE: You have the option to just play with you’re own group, or to join another table of gamers to play bigger games (or play at all if you’re coming alone. If you choose “I’d like to be matched with other games” in the options, you will be allocated to a random table with other people who chose this option. We may not be able to change this once booked/you have arrived. If you are coming alone, please choose this option, if no other attendees choose this option, we will let you know a few days before the event and can refund your ticket. Any questions about this, please call or email us: 07584484101 |


If you are coming as a group but buying your tickets separate, please let us know who you are with so we can sit you altogether (and choose the option “I’d rather play with just my own group”)


Unfortunately, we can’t give refunds for cancellations if it’s less than 72 hours before the event.

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None, Margherita, Pepperoni, Vegetarian


Soft drinks in store, Bring your own alcohol drink

Join another table?

I would like to be matched with other gamers *please read note in Description*, I would rather play with just my group