Hilarious game of shouting, laughing and mumbling..


For 3-6 players, ages 10+.

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Anomia is one of our simplest games to understand – but that doesn’t make it easy! Players flip over cards with symbols on, until two players’ cards match, then both players must give an example of the category on their opponent’s card. So you may need to think of Zoo Animal or a Country, which normally is easy, but under the pressure it becomes a huge challenge, and hilarity ensues (and somehow it becomes impossible to remain in your seat)!

Anomia is a great family game for children ages 10+ and is equally as fun when the children have gone to bed!

No. of Players: 3-6 (can be played with more!)

Ages: 10+

Complexity: 2/10

Playing Time: 20 Minutes

Awards: Loads – including the Mensa Select Seal, ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids, Major Fun’s Party and Word Games Awards, Dr. Toys Best Vacation Products


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